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Aluminum die-casting products produced good quality, high efficiency, and because of die-cast aluminum exact size, but generally no longer be machined directly, or processing capacity is small, so not only improves the metal utilization, and reduces the amount of processing equipment and man-hours for rapid mass production. Currently aluminum die casting is widely used among a variety of steam locomotives, bicycles, appliances, furniture, 3C electronics, aerospace industry, all kinds of machinery and equipment, iron and steel products to replace the past, in order to meet product demand lightweight, and efficient mode of production, it is significantly lower production costs.


IMGP0768The more-precision die-casting technology in order to provide the best to work in the production of consistent, to introduce the most advanced automated precision production equipment such as: Japan’s Toshiba TOSHIBA casting machines, Toyo TOYO die casting machine, fueled by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), melted The total furnace melting furnace mining center, automatic track system with soup and various machine independent holding furnace, and can replace the furnace to produce a variety of materials of aluminum material. Throughout the production processes, each link has a strict control, focusing on each stage of the production line, to determine each product are in compliance with the customer’s needs.