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Operators words

Shinco Technologies precision Since its inception, namely the industrial heritage of Taiwan has always been the spirit stretch Xing, uphold the quality first, to meet customer demand for the principle, and to share the results, to improve the quality of life for the purpose of research and development of new technology, and create good quality, open up global marketing network and reach business objectives, and the concept of sustainable development, diversification towards development.

In recent years, more-precision continuous improvement of management constitution, allows the company to grow day by day, and by the production of advanced machine tools has been operating, in order to standardize parts, the precision, and strictly control product quality, improve overall competitiveness .


Integrity and pragmatic – Realistically speaking letter for this, to win the trust of customers and partners.
Team work – The establishment of harmonious labor relations, defender relations develop synergies become three coordinates.
Innovation Innovation – To continue the research and development, to provide customers with the products, satisfactory quality, and continue to break.
Seek welfare – And employee profit sharing, social services, well-being, promote community prosperity.

1Business policy
– Grasp trends, innovative quality
– Continued pursuit of customer satisfaction high
– Coexistence with suppliers