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Quality First

The whole company from general manager to junior staff are always “good quality is everyone’s responsibility” concept, executed in PDCA management approach, and “do not accept defective products, not create bad products, not bad output of goods” three Noes, product planning, design, production, shipping and customer service, both to ensure that the quality is consistent with the requirements of customers.


Continuous improvement

Shinco Technologies precision since its inception, that uphold the quality first, to meet customer demand for the principle, and to share the results, to improve the quality of life for the purpose, through various management practices, in the spirit of PDCA, anywhere on the inside operations, improve job execution external views, and even better with a good goal. 

Customer Satisfaction

Full implementation of the company’s entire process from product planning, development, test for, production, sale and after sales service are committed to providing customers reached a “customer-oriented” service purposes in aging research, product quality, service satisfaction and price advantage .


Sustainable management

Under the “customer” of the basic requirements for ongoing continuous improvement to ensure continuous quality improvement, and customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and achieve the company’s corporate mission on the basis of company profits.