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Shinco Technologies Company Limited was established in 2007, specializing in aluminum alloy extrusion with professional techniques and long-term work experience, and high level of production process arrangement; we supply the customers with products and services in advanced technology, superior quality, and competitive price. Our extruded components include mobile vehicle spare parts of all kinds, machinery components, outers of engines, spare parts of bicycles, wheels, trolley floorboards and so on. In terms of management and production, we increase coordination of working team and strict working control, coordinate production control by automatic computer to provide products with more precision and more stable quality.

Shinco Technologies Company Limited has 100% of legal share ownership entity, except common private shareholders, each company applying for establishment is industrial stock limited, as business issuing Taiwan shares on the market, all financial information is transparent and can be provided to investors for consideration, all of dealers are professional directors cooperating with you in profession and no private profit.

Shinco parent company has applied for establishing large plants everywhere for over 40 years which gather techniques and essence of nations of the world including Taiwan, Europe, USA, Japan, China and Vietnam. We exchange and cooperate with each other, have natural resources and extensive archives, apply management regime and work with a team of high solidarity. We have become a reliable supplier of several reputable companies.